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Overview of track pads

release time£º2020.01.08    source£ºZhenjiang Tongcheng Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.

 Track shoes are one of the chassis parts of construction machinery and a kind of wearing parts of construction machinery used. Now commonly used in excavators, bulldozers, crawler cranes, pavers and other construction machinery.

The track shoes on construction machinery can be divided into: steel and rubber. Steel track pads are mostly used for equipment with large tonnage, and rubber track pads are mostly used for equipment with small tonnage.
Yangang's track shoes can be divided into: excavator plates and bulldozer plates. These two types are the most commonly used, with section steel as the raw material. Then there is the wet floor used by the bulldozer, commonly known as "triangular plate", which is a cast plate. Now a large number of cast plates are used on crawler cranes. The weight of this plate ranges from tens of kilograms to hundreds of kilograms. The board of SC10000 crawler crane of Sany Heavy Industry at the 2008 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition, More than 800 kilograms, which is currently the heaviest track pad in China.
The processing technology of the track shoe of the profile is generally: using several processes such as profile cutting, drilling (punching), heat treatment, straightening, painting, etc., the plate of the bulldozer is single rib, the general paint color is yellow; It is triple tendon and the paint color is black. The material of the profile is usually purchased 25MnB, and the final heat treatment hardness of the material is HB364-444.
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