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Specific treatment method of old track shoes

release time£º2020.01.08    source£ºZhenjiang Tongcheng Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.

 After the glue is removed, the joint surface of the workpiece and rubber is first chemically treated, that is, soaked with formic acid to remove rust, and then polished with a grinding wheel (if possible, you can go to a grinder for grinding operations). When grinding, care should be taken to ensure the smoothness of the joint surface. And the grinding amount should be as small as possible, and there should be no rust on the joint surface after treatment. Then use gasoline to clean the workpiece, and then apply adhesive after drying. Because the performance of the adhesive is very important for the combination of the workpiece and the rubber, after careful investigation and demonstration and market research, the Chemlock adhesive produced by the United States and Shanghai was selected. This adhesive is specially used for metal and rubber. Adhesive with good adhesive properties. According to the instruction manual, first use 205 as a primer, then apply 202 for 35 minutes, and keep it for 40 minutes, and then send it to the vulcanizer for compression molding.

Special attention should be paid to ensure that the environment is clean during the application of the adhesive, and pollution is strictly prohibited.
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