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Production process of track shoe rubber test piece

release time£º2020.01.08    source£ºZhenjiang Tongcheng Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.

 (1) Plasticizing is to increase the plasticity of natural rubber and facilitate the final molding of rubber parts.

(2) Ingredients is a relatively complicated process that determines the ratio of various ingredients such as natural rubber, butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, accelerators, and antioxidants. Because various components play different roles in the molded rubber part, in order to meet the requirements of use, it is particularly important to reasonably arrange the components.
(3) Mixing is to mix the prepared materials together for preparation. It should be noted that the mixed material must be stored for at least 8 hours before being fed into the vulcanization mold to be unloaded, otherwise the performance of the rubber sheet after molding will be affected.
(4) Test results of performance index of raw rubber specimens:
The Shore hardness of the test piece is 73 ° ± 3 °; the tensile strength is 20.6MPa; the elongation is 330%, which meets the requirements for use, and the next step can be performed.
(5) Before the raw rubber enters the mold, it should be evenly coated with a layer of silicone oil to facilitate the ejection. The temperature in the vulcanization mold should be 140 ~ 160 ¡æ, and it should be kept for at least 60min.
(6) The burr of the vulcanized rubber test piece needs to be deburred, which is mainly the excess rubber in the mounting holes of the track shoe that affects the installation quality.
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